Hamilton charm bracelet - Jewelry inspired by "Hamilton the Musical" - Red mesh bracelet


Length of bracelet, including clasp, in inches

This Hamilton charm bracelet was handwoven, one ring at a time, from red aluminum rings using the European 4-in-1 mesh chainmaille weave.

I hung the bracelet with five silver-colored charms inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s life and career: a pair of guns to symbolize his duel, an American flag, quill pen and ink, a ship like the one that brought him to New York from the Caribbean – and musical notes, to commemorate the hit Broadway musical based on his life.

This Hamilton charm bracelet measures a little more than 1/2” wide and closes securely with a silver-colored toggle clasp. It is very lightweight – you’ll barely know you have it on! Please choose the length you would like from the menu, when ordering.

This Hamilton charm bracelet would make a great gift for a theater nerd or fan of the Broadway musical!